✨THE BUGS PAGE (if you find any bugs let me know here!)

If you find any bugs let me know by replying to this post with the bug + whether it's on mac or PC + a screenshot of the error message if you have any~

edit: If theres more bugs to fix the earliest a new version will come out is march 10th~! (unless theres like a REAL BIG BUG lol)


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Hello! I just wanted to inform you that I did encounter a bug at the beginning of the game for the more recent version of the game :(

I haven't opened the older game version so I'm going to see how that goes! 

Okay, so I decided to run a troubleshoot combability and found out that the game is only playable in Windows 8, based off what the screenshot says. I attempted both versions of the game (old and new), same thing. Maybe, that's why it's not working? 

I have the latest windows version and I can open it fine, so I'm not sure what the problem is! I'll try and see if I can fix it but I can't promise anything :(

That's fine, thank you for replying to my messages!

not sure if this counts as a bug, but i noticed that the game uses the default rpgmaker icon and i found an icon folder with what i think might be what's supposed to be the actual game icon? it's saved as a .png instead of a .ico though so maybe that's messing something up if that's what it's meant to be! v1.4 btw but it's the same on all versions

YOURE SUPPOSED TO SAVE THOSE AS .ICOS!??!?!??!?!?!?!?! thank you very much for this priceless information

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Found a bug for the kid to squash (Win10, version 1.3)!! >:") This error keeps popping out at different parts of separate king fights: one during when he charges up and the other two times when you're about to defeat him.  I like to imagine it's just the king panicking so he froze the screen and had Siff restart each time 😭 Really enjoyed the game so far though, it's one of my favorites!!!

Thank you for letting me know! I'm aware of the bug and should have a new version soon that might fix it

Hi it's me again! The same bug still happens, tried a few compatibility tests and stuff in the meantime. (Running as admin, win8 etc.) It might just be my laptop :( I'm still excited for when I get to play, but i'll keep searching!

Hi! I'm sorry to hear this is still happening, and I still don't know how to replicate it on my own so there's not really a way for me to fix it :^( Sorry about that!

Bug time! This happens the instant I boot the game up. Am I missing a file? I'm running PC, if you need any further specs let me know!

Weird! Do you perhaps have an older computer? I think this happens on older pcs and as far as i know theres not a lot i can do to fix it... im looking for a fix though!

It's fairly old but I've run other games in RPG maker just fine before...I'll see if I can find anything about it!

I get a weird bug where all of the battle screens are SUPER zoomed in. This used to happen to the whole game? but then i restarted the game and now its only occuring in the battles.

I can't really see any of the enemies because its so zoomed it. Makes it hard to tell what craft to use because I can't see their hands.

Doesn't seem like anyone else has encountered this so...idk?

wow, i have no idea... might have something to do with your computer's settings but i dont have the slightest idea on how to fix it!

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Playing around a bit more.... when the "Attack effects" options is on in the menu, the game is super zoomed out. Turning it off lets the map look normal, but nothing effects that battles. 

Never encountered anything like this in RPG maker beforeLOL

LMAO WEIRD the attack effects is part of a plugin, but ill tinker around a bit

I looked around the files and I think it might be part of Olivia Horror Effects and the TV static effect. 

It may be something with that and my computer. I'm going to try it on my gaming PC and see if it works. If so, if might just not work properly on older laptops.


Good to know... I'll see if i can make a switch to turn it off and make everything work correctly! Thank you for letting me know!

Very, very small, and honestly quite funny glitch. One the second loop if you get the star crest before observing the tears, use them on the tears, and then step back in the hallway, the scene where Siffrin catches The Fighter still plays despite there not being any tears. I thought it might be intentional, Siffrin just catching the fighter out of habit, but the dialogue doesn't reflect this. 

OOPS yeah thats a mistake lol

I'm still getting the "failed to load: audio/bgm/dungeon_the%20castle%2C%20the%20house.ogg" error after the anger dialogue on 1.2.

Does your save load you before or after the anger dialogue? If it loads you after, it wont work as the error already happened. If you don't have an earlier save, then you'll have to start a new game, sorry!

It seems as though saving still doesn't work on Mac on the 1.1 version, at least? I'm using Catalina to run it if that has any impact.  Mac is awful for games so I'm sorry you're having these issues <3

Did you follow the instructions in the HOW TO file...? If yes then I'm so sorry I don't think I'll be able to fix it :'^(

Oh, sorry! Yes, I didn't see that subsection. Thanks so much!

Hey I've got a problem! Sometimes in the middle of battles the screen will freeze and the battle will keep going without it? Even when the battle ends it stays frozen on one frame and I can't do anything about it. This was the image it was frozen on last time.

I can't reproduce that bug on my end so idk how to fix it! I'm guessing it could be because of the battle scroll-- theres an option to turn it off in the options menu, maybe it could help?

Where is the option to turn off the battle scroll? I'll try that and get back to you on whether or not it works.

I ACTUALLY JUST REALIZED IT DOESNT APPEAR ANYMORE it will be in the new version ill upload today or tomorrow!!!

I've had this problem in the past, and I thought it was because I was playing on the old version, but i've gotten the same error on both versions of the game. Midbattle, right after Siffrin's second dialogue about remembering their friends, I get the same error. Closing and reopening the game and downloading the patch so far hasn't worked, but the error happens in the same place iirc !! im unsure about what to do even though this has been reported before ahh

I think I found the problem, I should have a new version that'll fix it sometime today or tomorrow!!!!

Hello, exactly same bug occurred to me here just lately (bought the game this week).

Oh weird??? I'll try and see what i can do, thank you for bringing it up to my attention!

No problem, I'm not exactly sure if it is the same moment, but it does happen in the middle of boss battle after Siffrin said their monologue and the researcher warns about an incoming boss attack (forgot to say but I have PC).

In the part of the castle where you hear the king sobbing for the first time, there's a conversation about a locked door that has the last line of text clip into the character portrait on the left. Not sure if this has been reported already, but just to be sure.

OOP! thank you for catching that~

Hi ! I don’t know if anyone has already warned but at the final boss of the game, in the last quarter of his life and after Siffrin’s dialog, an error message appears “Uncaught type error: cannot read property ‘width’ of null” and I can’t finish the game ;-;

Might be related to some other bugs- im looking into it!

Hello! The game seems to have frozen for me (PC 1.1) during the very first battle. I went through a few rounds, and on the enemy's third attack on the Researcher, who had been buffed with speed and defense, the game locked up as the attack VFX was landing. This is on a Windows 10 PC.

I can see the offset square hovering over the top of the Researcher's portrait, and the music keeps playing, and if I tap the spacebar it makes sounds as if it's selecting something (so the program doesn't appear to have frozen), but nothing else happens and I had to reload.

I wasn't able to reproduce this, but I wanted to share just in case it's helpful.

Weird! If it happens again let me know!

Hello, I believe someone brought it up before on this page but I'm also running into the "Uncaught type error: cannot read property 'width' of null" error on PC in the same area.

Thanks for letting me know! I can't reproduce it on my own computer so it's a little tricky to fix but I'm working on it!

also found an out of bounds area! when exiting the poetry room with the poem about oranges, if you press the down arrow key DIRECTLY after exiting while you're still on the door tile, you can go past the walls and walk left and right a little bit outside them.

(sorry for all the bug reports at once, I'm on a bug hunting roll today haha)

ooo interesting!!! ty for catching that ill def fix that for the next version hehe

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a couple places in 1.1 that look like text from characters is appearing and disappearing almost instantly. these are ONLY when text speed is set to "instant", on text speed 10 everything works normally

the first tear barrier, when approaching it and selecting "Yes" to take a nap, fighter says "sif?" and there's a text flash right afterwards

when first approaching the first tear barrier and the scene where siffrin catches the fighter, the fighter hops and says something but it's a text flash. (THIS IS CONNECTED to the fighter being a long way behind the party, on instant text speed he lags behind, on 10 text speed he runs up as normal)

Right after siffrin catches him there's another text flash, I think from the house maiden this time

when entering the storage room, there's a text flash from the maiden

when looking at the bakery ad in the storage room and selecting "tired", there are one or two text flashes right after the fighter makes the yeast pun

right after the line "you feel your heart being tugged" there's another text flash

Yeah those are all directly linked to the instant speed text since it's dialogue thats supposed to go on on its own! I cant remove the instant text option so i just would recommend not using it

ahhh dang, okay! that makes sense then

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version 1.1, when encountering the first enemy, some of the text from the researcher uses "his" pronouns for siffrin (it's the line about their smirk if that helps find it)

siffrin's pronouns are he/they so not a typo :)

ahhh okay! I was wondering, that was just the only he/him instance I noticed

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version 1.1, I'm not sure if this is intentional but in the hallway with two tear barriers, the party stops one space away from the tears to have a conversation about them. this happens with both barriers. I assume it's not intentional b/c the first tear barrier let you stand right next to it?


due to programming stuff, it actually is intentional lol! but thank you for keeping an eye out :)

on version 1.1's first loop, when examining the first tears barrier and siffrin catches the fighter, he actually appears about ten steps behind siffrin, the other two appear one step behind siffrin, I think I remember version 1.0 everyone was level with eachother?

You might have pressed the button to advance the text too fast-- due to the way the scene is coded, it sometimes does this! It won't affect anything later on though

oh! I was holding down space to skip text during this scene, I did a few more loops and pressed the space bar and read the text normally and everyone was level this time except the fighter, who was still quite a ways behind everyone else. 


interesting... ill try and check it out, ty for bringing it to my attention!

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