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This is so absolutely cute.

Thank you for making such a sweet game!


Expected cringe, but absolutely loved it. The writing was great, humourous and cute and the art was charming. Just wish it was longer - it felt quite rushed and abrupt in places and 15 minutes flew by. Will be looking forward to what you make next!


This was incredibly sweet and precious-- I only wish it was longer! There's a lot to work with within the plotline, and I would have loved to learn more about Arlette's past and Oaxa's mother. Overall, a fun and cute story easily consumed in ten-to-fifteen minutes.

Made me cry genuine tears of happiness. The art is cute and warm, the music is soothing and the plot is brilliant. Just the short afternoon game I needed.


I love it??? so much???? I never thought I'd love a story about a lesbian bee alien and a socially awkward gardener so much????

as a mentally ill lesbian this game really struck home with me, i loved every minute of it!! the artstyle is really cute and i loved oaxa's character design, the story is short but really sweet, and managed to fall in love and resonate with both characters very quickl!! amazing vn on all ends :)

This is a really wholesome, heartfelt game. I wasn't originally intending to sit through the entire thing or to even start playing it, but I installed it and, after that, the rest was history. I loved the art, the characters, and the overall experience.


I got this in the Racial Justice bundle, and just played it. I loved the story and the characters, but I wish it was longer! I feel like these characters had a lot more to offer, and if there had been more space in the story for things to happen a bit slower this could have gone from great to magnificent.


Brief and heartwarming - you can really feel the creators' love for the characters and the characters' love for each other.


A very sweet story with lovely art -- absolutely heart melting <3


Thank you for such a nice story, I truly loved the artwork and the way you handled scenes <3

What a lovely story! The art is adorable.

This was so lovely!! Thank you so much <3

This was such a cute little game!! Beautiful artwork

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It seems that the "PC" version runs fine on Linux (like most Ren'Py VNs), but the game page doesn't indicate this, and the app
refuses to install the game on Linux.

(Of course, manual download works fine.)

Could you perhaps change the settings for this download to indicate it's for Linux, too? 


Of course! Thank you for letting me know!!!

Wow, that was quick... :-)

I just tried it out in the client and it works perfectly - thank you very much!

I've only played it for few minutes so far, but I think I'll enjoy it a lot - very cute and funny! :-)

Beautiful game, great music. I highly recommend!

This was a lovely short story with two characters you can easily and instantly fall in love with. Highly recommend!

Definitely cried a little. This was such a sweet and cozy story and I LOVE the two characters.

my absolute fave from the racial justice bundle!!! just gives me such cozy vibes, and i love oaxa SO MUCH!!!!! 


My current fav from the racial justice bundle! Super cute and heartwarming. :)

I got super interested in this for the art and now that i read it omg ITS ADORABLE!!! the story warms my heart i love arlette and oaxa


i rarely see any games that were illustrated with the hard brush, and so beautifully too! if i'd never been able to play this game, i don't think i would've ever attempted drawing a background with one, but seeing the art style gave me hope that it's possible to make detailed backgrounds with such a small brush. the sprites were also one of my favorite aspects of this game! so expressive. it was really refreshing to see that you put body language into the sprites instead of simply changing just the facial expression to convey emotions.

i downloaded this for the art but i also found myself enjoying the dialogue and these characters. great work!!! 

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this art reminds me of hazbin hotel

not sure why I am getting negatives for saying that lol

I'd been looking forward to playing this game for a long long time, and I finally got the chance to get it with the bundle! 

It was ABSOLUTELY worth it! Every second of it was so heartwarming and nice <3 They're so cute and they make my gay little heart so so happy

Hopefully in the future I'll be able to get the artbook as well <3 <3 <3


Didn't realize until half way through the first chapter that I was reading their dialogue in Perfuma and Scorpias voices respectively. 10/10

My poor little gay heart couldn't handle how cute these two are. I really want a sequel with these two!!!!!


The purest and cutest thing i have ever played. The music, the dialogues, the art... its gorgeous. And the artbook its definetly something i'll cherish. Thank you!


I've been meaning to play this for a while and got it in the bundle. It's the cutest shit ive seen honestly, the art is gorgeous, the characters are adorable. Thanks for this lovely little bright spot in the middle of bad times!


The music is charming! The writing is charming! The art is charming! Everything about this game is charming! Short and sweet (~20ish minutes?) and manages to get you Caring About The Characters Immediately... and the artbook is definitely worth getting!!! Thank you!!!!


This was a very cute game and I love it so much thank you for making it!

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everyone thank you so much for your wonderful comments!!!! yes i read them all and yes they make my heart grow wings like woah. here's a little something!!!


This story made me cry it's literally so cute!!!


Thank you for including this in the bundle! The art style is lovely, and even though the story was short, the characters felt so well developed and complex! It made me so, so happy!!


oh boy, oh wow. i hope you see all these wonderful and entirely accurate comments. i read your artbook as well, everything is wonderful. very sweet, very real, it resonated with me, as im sure it did with everyone else. and some real nice touches with the music. thank you

This is! The cutest thing! Lots of good colors and shapes and gays


This game is so cute, I love it. I got it in the bundle as the others did, it was seriously so nice, the character designs are really cool and the plot was short and sweet


This was really fun to play, it is a nice short story! I got this game in the bundle as well.  I don't know if you are active here anymore but your artstyle made me feel really happy and the alien reminds me vaguely of Steven Universe! As an artist myself, finding something like this that hits close to home, to my childhood makes me feel warm. I look forward to seeing future projects from you if you ever decide to dabble in it again.

The story was fulfilling, I would love a sequel to this. Your art is gr8! You've earned a follow from me.

The art and music are so good and your characters are genuine and genuinely lovable. I really appreciated the themes of bullying, trauma etc. and how you handled them, and I enjoyed getting the chance to play this through the bundle ^u^


10/10 would gay again

i love everything about this and would honestly pay absurd amounts of money for a sequel


First off: Thank you for your generosity to donate your Game to the Huge Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality, Its a very kind act of you.
Secondly: This game was very adorable, it was short but precious. The expressions were wonderful, i really love the colours in the game, loving Oaxa's design, Its a precious gem of a game <3 I love the idea that tea can be enjoyed by just smelling it, very thoughtful and used in such a cute way. 
Enjoyed it a bunch, looking forward to experience your other work!

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