A downloadable visual novel for Windows, macOS, and Linux

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馃悵馃悵馃悵 A visual novel about a girl and an alien drinking tea and falling in love! 馃悵馃悵馃悵


  • Arlette, an awkward girl who likes plants more than other people!!!
  • Oaxa, a bee alien conqueror of planets who's not very good at it!!!
  • Flower facts you probably already know!!!
  • A budding romance?!?

Serre was also showcased during the 8th annual WordPlay Festival, a festival celebrating the most interesting uses of writing and words in contemporary games!

Artbook And Comics And Stuff

By contributing 10$ or more, you'll get access to the Artbook! 50+ pages of concept art, developer notes, and short comics about Arlette and Oaxa's adventures after the end of the game!

Trigger Warning:

-one of them gets real mean for a sec


GUI, Writing, Coding, Artwork - Adrienne Bazir

Composer, Sound Design- Lindar K. Greenwood

Beta Tester, general good friend - Allen Martsch

French Translation - Romane A茂cardo

Serre est aussi disponible en fran莽ais!!! 馃悵 Page en fran莽ais ici 馃悵


Buy Now$5.00 CAD or more

In order to download this visual novel you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $5 CAD. You will get access to the following files:

Serre-1.0-pc.zip 97 MB
Serre-1.0-mac.zip 83 MB
Serre-1.0-pc-FRANCAIS.zip 102 MB
Serre-1.0-mac-FRANCAIS.zip 85 MB
Serre Artbook.pdf 19 MB
if you pay $10 CAD or more

Development log


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CUTE!!!!! <3

I just played this and it's amazing. Loved it, it's so adorable <3

My heart!! What a lovely short and sweet game that made me feel fuzzy inside! Kudos to this game for lifting my spirits !!


Loved playing this!


An utterly delightful short VN! Happy vibes and positive feels :)

This is adorable & the art is amazing. It made me so happy. <3 I'd definitely watch a show about these two.

a lovely short VN with great writing and an adorable visual style! highly recommend <3

really cute and lovely. lots of smiles to go around


I never thought I'd say this, but this game made me really wanna be a cute lil lesbian gardener with a gorgeous bee alien wife

This game is so cute, I adore all the animations! Very lovely experience :)

Very cute and very sweet little graphic novel. 


I needed something this sweet. The art style is simply gorgeous <3 


Very much not a game, with the shallowest of branching paths, but that didn't stop me from enjoying it :)


It took perhaps 10 minutes to play this adorable game, but it instantly brought a smile to my face. I wasn't feeling well, both physically and emotionally, and it lifted me up. There was just the right amount of humor, awkwardness, and cute interactions. Not to mention, the artwork is wonderful. I'm excited to see your other work! 馃挏

this was just the dang cutest VN. short and sweet. i absolutely adore Oaxa!! i went back and rewatched her animations and cute lines of dialogue every single time. as a whole, i loved it, and now i want an alien girlfriend

help the language is stuck on french or something and idk how to change it


You must've downloaded the French version! The first link (Serre-1.0-pc.zip) is the English one <3


So adorable! A little short (I finished it in under ten minutes), but that just makes it the perfect little game for someone who loves visual novels and wants a quick little romp with some cute bumblebee aliens. The art style is so sweet and comforting. 10/10 :)

I loved the whole thin

It's cute. 

(1 edit) (+2)

This is the purest thing to ever murder me and I love it so much?
The cute lil animations, the- the witty writing, the parts where it punches you in the heart, the best three choices I've ever been given in any game ever... 

Honestly just imagine 30 minutes of lesbian screaming, that's my feelings on Serre

god bless

I'm sorry, I just noticed the content warning, 

"-one of them gets real mean for a sec"

and I've been slain again

THE ART. THE MUSIC. THE CHARACTERS. Perfect and lovely. Thank you so much for the experience. 


i was bored as hell but thought of looking thru my library and i chose this game to cure my boredom. IT DID WONDERS. the story was so effing cute i love it so much!! The drawings and animation has such a bubbly vibe it puts me on  a good mood and i was smiling the whole way while playing it


this game is amazing and adorable oh my gosh i love them both so much this is so sweet oh gosh,,, 9.5/10, The only thing i feel is missing from this game is Oaxa's mouth so Arlette can kiss her,,,,,


Too lovely, thanks for cheering me up with your great art and writing!


This was so cute, thank you! <3


this game is so cute and so sweet and left my heart feeling so warm!! THE WAY THEIR EYES LIGHT UP WHILE TALKING TO EACH OTHER and sharing tea and learning about flowers together!!! ID DIE FOR ARLETTE AND OAXA!!! theyre both so adorable and the art and music and the story in this game is so stunning i adore every minute of it!! thank u for making such a beautiful game!


ahhhh i love this smmm!!! when she went in for a hug i DIED! and oaxa i love herrrrr 馃グ馃グ馃グ this was so soft and lovely and the art was gorgeous!!! can't wait to look through the other things you've made


A perfect game to end my day! It's short and cute, and super colorful! Thank you!


I felt this game ended just when it was getting started. There was so much unexplored. Sure, it isn't terribly important to know things like why Arlette doesn't like other people, but I think it is really important to know, for instance, why Oaxa was sent off to die on Earth. It's the event that caused the entire story to happen, shouldn't there be a little elaboration? Still, the fact that I want to know more proves how interesting these two characters are.


Aww. This was adorable. Colorful and short and cute. Thank you!!

It was a great story, thank you


This was so precious. It was impossible not to fall in love with the characters immediately. A sweet little heartwarming tale that I can't recommend enough!


Really really loved this! Short, cute, and gay <3


Short and sweet. The designs are so cute! The little animated movements are like nothing I've seen before in a visual novel and I can't imagine the work that went into getting them so fluid. Absolutely loved this small experience! God the art is just so vibrant and lush, a joy to feast my eyes upon. Hope these two funky little lesbians live happily ever after forever.


Cute, Gay, lovely. Exactly what I needed for a small pride month treat! Continue doing what you do. Love the artwork and the characters. The animations added to the expressiveness of the characters. Great all around!


Loved this! A nice story, lovely art, very gay... all I could ever ask for in a VN. :D

Absolutely adored this!!!

The art's great, the character designs are great, and the writing is great! I love everything here, from the use of color palletes to the shift in music, it's all so... great!


THIS WAS THE CUTEST LITTLE THING. I'm in love with oaxa, tbh. you know that meme like "i want to see it grow up healthy, i want to protect it" etc? thats my feelings about oaxa.

its just such a darling little game. im dying. 10/10

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