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si queréis puedo traducir vuestro juego al español. Solo decidmelo y me pondré a ello.

The cutest story about gayliens I ever did read.

This is without a doubt the CUTEST GAME I'VE EVER PLAYED!!!! Thank you for making it!!

I CRIED LIKE A BIG BABY. Very good.... I love this and your work keep at it!!

i'm so in love with all aspects of this!!! thank you!!!!

too bad i have no money looks good

Incredibly short, but very sweet.    


I have a question. Say I buy the game for 5 bucks, and then like it enough to want the artbook, do I then have to pay another ten bucks to get it? Or can I just an additional five?

I honestly have no idea! If just paying 5 more dollars doesn't work, let me know and we'll figure something out :^)

there is a soundtrack ther like one of undertale

I love this game...  will you please make more?

this game's story is wrapped up, but ill definitely make new games in the future!!! thank you!!!

theyre.......... in love............... thank you from the bottom of my heart.........

I just picked up this game on sale, it looks adorable! I can't WAIT to play it!! :D

i nearly cried, this game is SO ADORABLE! i love the art style so much !!!!!!!!!! its added years onto my life,, IM TELLING ALL MY FRIENDS

OH MY GOSH thank you so much............ it means a lot :'^)

such a cute game!! all the art is so GORGEOUS i can not imagine how much time went to all of it!! i love so much the tiny animations for sprite change too. thanks for making the game so cute! <3

:'^0 thank you so much!!!!


this is an extremely cute gay little bite of a game. you fall in love with a bug, so

Can't wait to check this out once I get paid!