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Awww, this is very good! I love your art styles and interpretation of the characters. It's a unique take on them that I haven't seen before <3 


I really enjoyed this comic. Your interpretations of the gods in both look and personality have so much unique flavor. You don't stop at the expected characterizations, bringing them to life through some really stunning and economic use of character development through dialogue and character body language. The minimalist approach to the colors allows your expressive use of shape and mastery of facial expressions to shine. Perhaps it's selfish, but I would be delighted to see more of these characters from you in the future!


oh my god thank you so so so much for your comment!!! It made me so happy, I'm so glad you liked it!!! I probably won't make a comic about them again, but I'll definitely draw more Dionysos in the future, he was really fun to draw :^)